A Little Bit About “LERP”


Interpolation means mixing between a past gamestate and a current one to create smoother motion. Lerp settings set how far in the past players will look for their interpolation.

If I’m sitting with a Lerp of 0ms, I’m seeing only the most recent state I’ve received. Say I’m a tank in L4D. There’s someone running away from me, and he’s just out of my reach. I toggle my Lerp value to 100ms, and now the gamestate I’m seeing is further in the past. Both the client and the server are okay with this, and now my hits are calculated against the old gamestate. I’ve just gone into the past to get a punch I otherwise couldn’t.

This helps mitigate that issue (in terms of cheating) by echoing, logging, tracking lerp changes. In tournament play, this is enough proof of cheating to overturn a match result.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit About “LERP”

    • the Default lerp setting when playing on our servers is 100ms or less, the lower the better/faster the interpolation.
      If you have changed or are changing your lerp while playing to 200ms or more…..YES that would be cheating.

      • lol if i knew how 2 cheat i would be the same lvl as you probably. AT&T, 2 year old iMac and the amount of add ons that i have probably doesn’t have a nice effect on any internal or external informal speed. But the reason I don’t get mad really when people accuse me is because of the amount of time I’ve played scavenge. You miss stuff all the time lol. I bounce off people all the time it seems so… I now rather playing Survival but I still don’t know what or where 2 get these lerp hax. I would be able to use more skins and that kind of add ons if I knew how to code.

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