Arma 2 Wasteland and DayZ


=BRC= Jesus here saying hello and wanting to tell you about 2 games that a few of are members play besides left 4 dead 2 on a daily bases.

For those of you who are new welcome I am =BRC= Jesus formally =BRC=Dead-ops and i am one of the admins for BRC. although i have retired from playing left 4 dead i am still a very active gamer.

so i am here to let you know about two games the first is Arma2 Wasteland MOD and the second is DayZ. Arma 2 Wasteland is a open world real time war on 45 man servers plus. Play as a team with others as a Blue-for or Op-for or be a lone wolf as an independent what ever your style is build a base to put your stuff in protect it go out on missions to downed helicopters,jets,planes and find great loot to help make you or your team stronger. It is full out war with lots of action.

the second game is DayZ, some of you have already played it way back when it firsts came out and it has come a long way from that. you are a survivor in a post apocalyptic world, you must survive the zombie invasion, find food weapons utilities, fix up broke down vehicles help others survive or be the bandit and take what others have. this game has something for everyone.For anyone who is wondering “oh this sounds like warz” its not warz is a waste of time and money and DayZ is the game you should be playing. lol JK, but not really.

thank you for your time and if anyone wants to play im always around just msg me.

=BRC= Jesus

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  1. wasteland is part of arma 2 operation arrowhead, when you go to multiplier and you get the server list go to filter and in mission type wasteland. look for corrupted QC that is the server we usually play on

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