Awakening the African Spirit.

Afrika Yetu began as a cultural organization, and has continued to bring world-class arts and cultural programs to the community for over three decades.

We create and provide programs that promote cross-cultural understanding throughout our community while igniting engagement and conversations that inspire, empower and enlighten us all.


Our Cultural Programs

Youth Arts Education

We exist to promote youth development through cultural traditions, arts and education. Our Youth Arts Education program brings the rhythms, sounds and stories of Africa to children and young adults of all cultures.


Hands-On Residencies


Facilitated Drum Circles


Dance & Music Workshops


Ensemble Performances


Live Performances

Afrika Yetu provides live, multicultural performance featuring traditional African folkdance, music songs, and storytelling. Whether it's the festive dance pieces or the high energy percussion numbers, audiences of all ages and backgrounds will find themselves clapping along and jumping out of their seats due to the power of these inspiring art forms.


Artist Roster

Afrika Yetu is proud to support the following performers and is always looking for and auditioning talent in our attempt to educate the American People and to help our African emigrant brothers and sisters share their culture here in America.


Currently Touring

Soukous All Stars

Nyboma Mwan Dido

Zaiko Langa-Langa

Kanda Bongo

Lokua Kanza

Jemiriye Adeniji


Past Performances



Explore the Wonders of African Culture 

African music and dance and visual arts has spread from its traditional community roots, traveling throughout the world, and giving rise to numerous styles and fusions.

If you are looking to educate children or adults on how different cultures express themselves and evoke their histories through story, song and dance, then Afrika Yetu's is right for you.