BRC YouTube Page….idea

Hello friends =Brc= Necronik here!

I’m here to pitch in an idea me and =brc=GrimReaper came up with while casually talking to each other. We both thought it would be interesting if BRC had its own YouTube page (channel, account, w/e). Posting up videos pertaining to L4D, DayZ, ETC… GrimReaper has already posted a discussion about this idea in the steam group page. If anyone is interested or has any ideas they would like to thrown around post here or in the steam group discussion GrimReaper has posted.

Remember this is only an idea that we plan to work on, if by chance Skyguard doesn’t approve or we don’t get enough people or something along those lines we’ll probably scrap this idea. But other than that post ideas, questions, Etc.

Ragnarok Online 2

Hello Fellow Brc clan members, Anyone interested in MMOS out there? Well me and my friend Zero Alkaiser found this game and it captured us instantly!

If anyone is interested in play or hearing about the detail message me and or Zero. So far we’re still low lvl but we’re captivated with this game. We have also made a =BRC= Guild in it for anyone wishing to join. Here is the link to the site, Sadly there is a bigger process to Validating your email having to go through another site called : , Make a site through Warpportal then through that make a account on Ragnarok. then all you gotta do is download, install, then make your four digit password once on RO2.

Hope to see BRC playing =D