Server updates

Servers are back up, approx 95% fixed.


Still a no go.  Even when the last SM/MM update, they are working on a fix but they do not have an ETA.

I will keep you posted.

Valve has released a SteamPipe version of Left4Dead 2 and advised us that this update will become required on Monday (currently, it’s optional). In order to reduce the time that will be required for Monday’s update, we are scheduling the SteamPipe changeover to occur on Friday morning, starting at approximately 12:30am PDT. This will be handled like a regular game update, but it will take a bit longer, due to the size of Valve’s changes — up to two or three hours for some machines, with servers offline for much of that.

Campaigns found on both servers.

The following are on the servers (all up to date):

2 evil eyes,                               City 17,

Dead series,                            Death aboard 2,

Detour ahead,                        Final cut,

Haunted forest,                     Helms deep reborn V18,

I hate mountains 2,              Indiana adventure,

McDonalds,                            One 4 nine,

Tanks playground,                Yama,

Last gift,                                  Lets build a car,

Lets build a rocket,               Silent fear,

QE 1,                                        QE 2,

Suicide blitz 2,                       The matrix subway,

Vienna calling,                       Wanli,


A Little Bit About “LERP”


Interpolation means mixing between a past gamestate and a current one to create smoother motion. Lerp settings set how far in the past players will look for their interpolation.

If I’m sitting with a Lerp of 0ms, I’m seeing only the most recent state I’ve received. Say I’m a tank in L4D. There’s someone running away from me, and he’s just out of my reach. I toggle my Lerp value to 100ms, and now the gamestate I’m seeing is further in the past. Both the client and the server are okay with this, and now my hits are calculated against the old gamestate. I’ve just gone into the past to get a punch I otherwise couldn’t.

This helps mitigate that issue (in terms of cheating) by echoing, logging, tracking lerp changes. In tournament play, this is enough proof of cheating to overturn a match result.

A Little Bit About “PING”



In multiplayer online video games, ping (not to be confused with frames per second) refers to the network latency between a player’s computer (client), and either the game server or another client (i.e. peer). This could be reported quantitatively as an average time in milliseconds, or qualitatively as low ping or high ping. The latter usage is common among players of first-person shooter and real-time strategy games. Having a low ping is always desirable because lower latency provides smoother gameplay by allowing faster updates of game data.

Ping is often conflated with lag. One may “lag out” due to unacceptably high ping. Servers will often disconnect a client if the ping is too high and it poses a detriment to others’ gameplay. Similarly, client software will often mandate disconnection if the ping is too high. A high ping is not the result of lag; rather, a high ping causes lag. It may also make servers crash because of the stability.

Some factors that might affect ping include: network protocol engineering, Internet connection speed, the quality of a user’s Internet service provider and the configuration of firewalls. Ping is also affected by geographical location. For instance, if someone is in India, playing on a server located in the United States, the distance between the two is greater than it would be for players located within the US, and therefore it takes longer for data to be transmitted. However, the amount of packet-switching and network hardware in between the two computers is often more significant. For instance, wireless network interface cards must modulate digital signals into radio signals, which is often more costly than the time it takes an electrical signal to traverse a typical span of cable.

Tecnical Difficulties

With the latest game update from Steam, we are experiencing Technical difficulties with the servers.

Please be patient, we are working on the problem.









UPDATE: According to NFO there is another update, they are rolling it out to the servers, keep your fingers crossed and will check again later.

UPDATE 2: Both servers are fixed.

Away on Combat Exercise

Starting Tomorrow morning (Oct 15th) I will be away on Combat Exercise, I will be back on Wednesday Oct 24th.

If there are any problems, questions or support required please contact =BRC= DJ Big EZ or =BRC=Furious if it cannot wait until my return.

In the mean time, enjoy yourselves and be good.