Modded Minecraft Lets Play

Hello everyone, Zero Alkaiser here and I am posting about my YouTube channel. I know some of you know who I am and why I choose Minecraft to do this lets play but to put it simply I love modded Minecraft and have decided to have fun with it and put a story behind it. If some of you are interested head over to the first Video of the series here:



If you like what you see let me know. If you don’t, tell me what you didn’t like, as feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you all have a good day. Behold!

Warframe =Brc=

Join the Tenno, a group of assassin ninjas wearing hightech suits called warframes as they do missions that range from assassination, to clearing out hoards of enemys, to defense missions.

This game is in open beta but i can see the potential of this game. you can do coop missions which will not only level up your suit, but your weapons you are using as well. the modding system is unique, or at least i havent seen on similar. it poses a good difficulty that makes you wanna join friends. there are even special missions and submissions that can pop up randomly during missions or during the load out screen. i once was in a mission and a random assassin showed up saying i have come for your head ZeroAlkaiser.  we, we as in Grim, also have made a brc clan in the game, during which Necronik was playing and an assassin came saying, death to brc or some such.

this game is constantly updating and there is more content that i havent explained, such as blueprings, other warframe models and more. if this has peaked your interest look up Warframe on Steam, its free to play so anyone can play.



Hey everyone, Zero Alkaiser here. Now a while back we are =BRC= had a minecraft server, while some of you remember this, im sure others are like ok whatever it got boring. WELL that is exactly why im giving this little message. FTB AKA Feed The Beast is a mod pack that is easy to install  just download and install is all, no dragging this or that into another folder. wondering where you need to get it?

there you go download and enjoy. now other thing is your most likely thinking is, i dont feel like playing something i dont know about that. Well, i have that covered as well and have made a Video giving a Brief, though abit long, cut up into 5 parts, look at only a very FEW things in this mod pack.