2 thoughts on “Being a Game Tester ain’t as fun as everyone thinks…

  1. Man, At one point I thought of trying out being a game tester for money but after that Screw it! Hell making a game would be more profitable and less of a hassel to deal with that being a game tester and I wouldnt treat people like that making them do over time for free….FREE??? Shit I’d laugh at the person and quit on the spot freak free over time makes me laugh.

    BUT I like it very imformative Never knew Game testers went through all that crap, Late hours, spamming same situations over and over and over and over, then shitty food, asswhole bosses, No respect man all you game testers out there Good luck.

  2. One of my customers was EA Sports Tiburon. They do the Madden series. The testers were treated like second class citizens there. They were also crazy about security. To the point that I couldn’t plug in my laptop or download anything myself. Had to have someone else do it and burn it on a special numbered disk that I had to return when I was finished.

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