=BRC=☣SeRiOuS☆iNjUrY☢ And =BRC=ScreamingButterfly Marraied 9-15-13

I Just wanted to get on the site and share a picture or two about me and =BRC=ScreamingButterflys wedding it was wonderful. I would like to Thank my Best man =BRC=Lucifer for AttendingAjs bar weddingus

6 thoughts on “=BRC=☣SeRiOuS☆iNjUrY☢ And =BRC=ScreamingButterfly Marraied 9-15-13

  1. Outstanding, nice to see Clan members become friends inside and outside gaming.
    CONGRATS Adam & Jamie on your great day.
    Wish I could have been there, thank you for sharing.

    skyguard (Daniel)

  2. Gratz, nice to see happy endings irl but its just more like a happy beginning, all the best of luck and i hope for your happiness for the rest of your years. Gratz again.

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