=BRC= Mods

What is it?

Brutal Retribution Mod is a RPG mod exclusive to =BRC= servers.  During regular gameplay, players acquire both gameplay points and XP (experience points).  Gameplay points are useable to buy in-game upgrades and XP are used to increase the players level. Total XP is tracked and scored using our HLStatsX:CE server.  Check out your stats and XP here.


Players are able to increase their levels permanently by scoring XP during gameplay.  The Players XP are tracked by our HLStatsX:CE server and are shared on both of our servers.  XP points are generated from the stats server based on standard Left 4 Dead 2 scoring.  A player can see their current level and XP on the screen at all times:

Here we see the current level is at 58, buy points are at 31 and current XP is 8056.  25361 XP is required for this player to level-up.


Perks are enhanced capabilities that are selected at the beginning of each round.  Once selected, the player can not change them until the next round.  The =BRC=Perkmod menu will automatically display at the start of each round.  A player can customize perks for each round, select random perks or select “Play Now” for quick play.  Play now will select your previous perks or the PerkMod defaults (if you have never selected before).

If the Menu does not display, chat !perks to manually bring it up.  A player can also use this command to review their selected perks.  As a player levels up, more perks are made available.  Some perks increase in effectiveness as the players level increase.  All Perks are enabled by Level 30.

After selecting your custom Perks, make sure that you save them, otherwise they will not be active!

During gameplay, you may want to review your selected perks.  Chat !perks to bring up the list of active perks.

Perks: Full List of Perks Show

Buy System

Gameplay points are collected during each round that can be used to buy player upgrades.  In Coop, these points are available for an entire campaign.  In Versus, they reset each round.  Gameplay points are scored differently then XP.

Buy System: Gameplay Point Scoring Show

 How to Buy Upgrades

There are three ways to buy upgrades.  The first is to bring up the buy menu by chatting !buy.  A menu will appear and show your current gameplay points.  Select your desired upgrade out of the menu.  The second way is using the chat command !repeatbuy.  This will attempt to repeat your last purchase.  The last is using extended !buy commands.  Exenteded buy commands specify the upgrade that you want to buy with the !buy command.  For example, to buy ammo the command would be !buy ammo.  The extended commands are great for things that you like to buy quickly, because you can bind the command to a key for superfast use.  in game, chat !listmodules to list all the upgrades that can be purchased this way and their name.

Buy System: Full List of Extended Commands Show