Campaigns found on both servers.

The following are on the servers (all up to date):

2 evil eyes,                               City 17,

Dead series,                            Death aboard 2,

Detour ahead,                        Final cut,

Haunted forest,                     Helms deep reborn V18,

I hate mountains 2,              Indiana adventure,

McDonalds,                            One 4 nine,

Tanks playground,                Yama,

Last gift,                                  Lets build a car,

Lets build a rocket,               Silent fear,

QE 1,                                        QE 2,

Suicide blitz 2,                       The matrix subway,

Vienna calling,                       Wanli,


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    • Correct, but nothing is wrong.
      I am not the one in control of the website, Furious is, however I don’t want to bother him every time I add/remove or update maps.

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