Butterfly & Serious flying to Lucifers wedding

Hello fellow =BRC= members I Just wanted to share somethings with the team I have been apart of this group for over six years now and I want you all to know how close as players and friends we have become seriousinjury/Adam and screamingbutterfly/Jamie are happy to fly to Baltimore Maryland for Lucifer/Dons wedding This just shows how much of a bond can be made when playing online games and being apart of =BRC= this is one of the best groups/band of friends that I have ever been apart of and I would just like to tell you all about what a great group of guys and girls this team has become and share how happy I am to be apart of such a great group of friends.

Modded Minecraft Lets Play

Hello everyone, Zero Alkaiser here and I am posting about my YouTube channel. I know some of you know who I am and why I choose Minecraft to do this lets play but to put it simply I love modded Minecraft and have decided to have fun with it and put a story behind it. If some of you are interested head over to the first Video of the series here:



If you like what you see let me know. If you don’t, tell me what you didn’t like, as feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you all have a good day. Behold!

BRC YouTube Page….idea

Hello friends =Brc= Necronik here!

I’m here to pitch in an idea me and =brc=GrimReaper came up with while casually talking to each other. We both thought it would be interesting if BRC had its own YouTube page (channel, account, w/e). Posting up videos pertaining to L4D, DayZ, ETC… GrimReaper has already posted a discussion about this idea in the steam group page. If anyone is interested or has any ideas they would like to thrown around post here or in the steam group discussion GrimReaper has posted.

Remember this is only an idea that we plan to work on, if by chance Skyguard doesn’t approve or we don’t get enough people or something along those lines we’ll probably scrap this idea. But other than that post ideas, questions, Etc.

Arma 2 Wasteland and DayZ


=BRC= Jesus here saying hello and wanting to tell you about 2 games that a few of are members play besides left 4 dead 2 on a daily bases.

For those of you who are new welcome I am =BRC= Jesus formally =BRC=Dead-ops and i am one of the admins for BRC. although i have retired from playing left 4 dead i am still a very active gamer.

so i am here to let you know about two games the first is Arma2 Wasteland MOD and the second is DayZ. Arma 2 Wasteland is a open world real time war on 45 man servers plus. Play as a team with others as a Blue-for or Op-for or be a lone wolf as an independent what ever your style is build a base to put your stuff in protect it go out on missions to downed helicopters,jets,planes and find great loot to help make you or your team stronger. It is full out war with lots of action.

the second game is DayZ, some of you have already played it way back when it firsts came out and it has come a long way from that. you are a survivor in a post apocalyptic world, you must survive the zombie invasion, find food weapons utilities, fix up broke down vehicles help others survive or be the bandit and take what others have. this game has something for everyone.For anyone who is wondering “oh this sounds like warz” its not warz is a waste of time and money and DayZ is the game you should be playing. lol JK, but not really.

thank you for your time and if anyone wants to play im always around just msg me.

=BRC= Jesus

Server updates

Servers are back up, approx 95% fixed.


Still a no go.  Even when the last SM/MM update, they are working on a fix but they do not have an ETA.

I will keep you posted.

Valve has released a SteamPipe version of Left4Dead 2 and advised us that this update will become required on Monday (currently, it’s optional). In order to reduce the time that will be required for Monday’s update, we are scheduling the SteamPipe changeover to occur on Friday morning, starting at approximately 12:30am PDT. This will be handled like a regular game update, but it will take a bit longer, due to the size of Valve’s changes — up to two or three hours for some machines, with servers offline for much of that.

Ragnarok Online 2

Hello Fellow Brc clan members, Anyone interested in MMOS out there? Well me and my friend Zero Alkaiser found this game and it captured us instantly!

If anyone is interested in play or hearing about the detail message me and or Zero. So far we’re still low lvl but we’re captivated with this game. We have also made a =BRC= Guild in it for anyone wishing to join.

http://playragnarok2.com/ Here is the link to the site, Sadly there is a bigger process to Validating your email having to go through another site called :http://warpportal.com/ , Make a site through Warpportal then through that make a account on Ragnarok. then all you gotta do is download, install, then make your four digit password once on RO2.

Hope to see BRC playing =D