The Secret World

Yesterday the Secret World MMO by Funcom went Buy-to-Play. Meaning it’s now just like Guild Wars 2, in the fact that once you buy it, it’s free to play from there on out. You can pick up a copy for $30. If you’re a fan of Cthulhu author HP Lovercraft or dark horror this is a no brainer. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Tecnical Difficulties

With the latest game update from Steam, we are experiencing Technical difficulties with the servers.

Please be patient, we are working on the problem.









UPDATE: According to NFO there is another update, they are rolling it out to the servers, keep your fingers crossed and will check again later.

UPDATE 2: Both servers are fixed.

=BRC=Furious Retirement Announcement

Effectively immediately I am submitting my retirement from =BRC= as Operations Administrator. I would like to thank everyone that helped contribute over the years and that helped build and maintain the clan. I would also like to announce =BRC=Skyguard as the new EA and joint clan owner. I will still share ownership and provide administrative assistance as needed, but my new role in the clan is largely silent. Skyguard now has full control of clan direction and is free to make all administrative decisions needed for =BRC=.

To help, I will continue to donate the money needed for the web server and web services.


Away on Combat Exercise

Starting Tomorrow morning (Oct 15th) I will be away on Combat Exercise, I will be back on Wednesday Oct 24th.

If there are any problems, questions or support required please contact =BRC= DJ Big EZ or =BRC=Furious if it cannot wait until my return.

In the mean time, enjoy yourselves and be good.