Turning Potential Into Reality

Many American cities have long been shaped and reshaped by people from all across the globe. From new businesses opened by immigrant entrepreneurs, to the new ideas, talent, and diverse perspectives that immigrants contribute, immigrants continue to be a source of untapped potential for communities across America.

At Afrika Yetu, we empower immigrants to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead with business development services, funding assistance and financial literacy workshops that help them get ahead.


Business Development

Afrika Yetu is proud to support artists, entrepreneurs and performers in our attempt to educate the American People and to help our African emigrant brothers and sisters share their culture here in America. From funding assistance to storefront property, let us help get your idea off the ground.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial literacy is an essential survival tool for American families. Afrika Yetu strengthens the upward mobility of immigrants, refugees and newcomers with comprehensive financial literacy courses that provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate



Businesses We Have Helped

Starting a business is one of the easiest ways to integrate into a new community. Over the years, we have helped several artists, crafters and entrepreneurs get their start, share their culture and contribute to their local economy.

Graceland Missionary Church

House of Transformation Global Ministries

Global Food Market

Okapi African Braiding Salon

Serene Live Cafe

Aamani Braiding Salon

Temwa Braiding Salon

Shekinah African Hair Braiding Salon

Sahara Braids and Beauty Studio



Become a Part of Your Community

Start on your path to self-sufficiency and independence. Sign up for our economic development programs today.