Hey everyone, Zero Alkaiser here. Now a while back we are =BRC= had a minecraft server, while some of you remember this, im sure others are like ok whatever it got boring. WELL that is exactly why im giving this little message. FTB AKA Feed The Beast is a mod pack that is easy to installĀ  just download and install is all, no dragging this or that into another folder. wondering where you need to get it?


there you go download and enjoy. now other thing is your most likely thinking is, i dont feel like playing something i dont know about that. Well, i have that covered as well and have made a Video giving a Brief, though abit long, cut up into 5 parts, look at only a very FEW things in this mod pack.



One thought on “FTB For =BRC=

  1. Feed the beast is a excellent mod, for those whom enjoy playing minecraft and wish to have more “Content” in the game I would recommend this mod as well.

    For all BRC members who played with me and Zero in the past but quit cause of becoming bored and no one getting on the server, FTB would grasp your interest for well all your time i would believe. Plus I wouldnt mind seeing Minecraft back up on BRC

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