Help Support Our Mission

Afrika Yetu is doing more than just dancing, drumming, creating art and literature. We are helping to create a community.

Through your support we will be able to continue reaching and teaching more than 10,000 children and adults a year; teaching and performing in more than 25 public and private schools each year and training approximately 2,000 people in cultural sensitivity, anti-bias and multicultural arts integration annually.

With our nationally recognized multicultural arts curriculum, we are able to present the diverse cultures of Pittsburgh through the arts of music, dance and literature. But as a small but mighty nonprofit we cannot grow, teach and reach more people without your help.

By donating today you can help open the world to the African culture of Pittsburgh. You can continue to contribute to the diverse fabric of our community and make sure that all of our voices, traditions, cultures and art forms are heard and respected.

Your contributions are vital to the success and growth of Afrika Yetu.

Please give today!