Covid Relief

The African population in the City of Pittsburgh creates the African Initiative of Allegheny County lead by Afrika Yetu to combat hunger and disparities for families during this Pandemic.

Elie Kihonia, Founder and CEO of Afrika Yetu; Dr. Yinka Agana-Williams Executive Director of AJAPO, Sylvester Omeje, General Secretary of UACSWPA, Wasi Mohammed of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh along with several African church congregations and/or non-profit community organizations combined resources to create opportunities for assistance facing the African Diaspora.

On Saturday May 9, 2020 at Noon; the African Initiative of Allegheny County will host its first Food Distribution that addresses dietary restrictions, transportation difficulties, financial challenges and educational gaps facing the African Community, in Western Pennsylvania.

To register for a pickup, please fill out the form here.

The distribution centers include Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (East Liberty/Oakland); Graceland Missionary Church (West End/Crafton) and House of Transformation (Southside-Mt. Oliver) from Noon until 3pm.

AJAPO and Afrika Yetu are addressing the financial challenges of individual/family needs. We are in need of financial contributions. AJAPO and Afrika Yetu are accepting financial donations to distribute to those who meet the Initiative Guidelines for support.

The African Initiative of Allegheny County is working closely with Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh Public School systems to address the technology complications, educational gaps, and language barriers for families. This information will be available during distribution.

The African Initiative of Allegheny County will continue to combine resources to provide this service for the duration of the pandemic. Our mission is to provide assistance to the African Diaspora. It is imperative that we continue to work together and show our ancestral principles like Unbuntu and Sankofa. We must see ourselves through each other before we return to normalcy.

The African Initiative of Allegheny County Members include:

Afrika Yetu, AJAPO, ARYSE, AZIP Congolese Union of Pittsburgh, Foundation Bon Samaritain Graceland Missionary Church, House of Transformation Global Ministry Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, UAC SWPA

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