Join =BRC=

All players are welcome to play on our servers and contribute to our community.  However if you are interested in taking a more active role in =BRC=, please consider joining as a full member.

Membership includes:

  • Kick protect from all of our servers
  • Access to member in-game menus
  • Access to member only areas of Teamspeak
  • Your own personalized email account (if you want one)
  • In-Game Perks for Donations
  • Request changes to servers (maps, mods, perks, etc)

Whats it take to qualify? 

Candidates must:

  • Have and use a mic during gameplay
  • Keep chat and voice language clean (or close to it)
  • Not grief other players
  • Not engage in racist, sexist or other hate speech or actions
  • Not use pornographic or offensive sprays
  • Not be a member of Racist, Sexist, Griefing or other hate based Steam Group
  • Log at least 20 hours of gameplay on =BRC= servers *
  • Have a account
  • Have at least one existing member as a sponsor (not a Recruit), two if you are below 18
  • Not be an existing member of another clan **

Ok, I qualify and want to join.  What do I do?

Send an email to requesting membership.  Please include the following information

  • In game name (example Playa_Bommbastic)
  • Desired member name  (example =BRC=PlayaBommbastic)
  • Account name used for
  • Sponsor(s) in game name (who in =BRC= is referring you)
  • Hours logged on =BRC= servers *
  • Age (if under 18)***
  • Once a player has been accepted into the Clan, you wear the clan’s TAG with the name you have chosen at all times ON and OFF our servers.


* Playtime on other servers with established =BRC= members is also considered.

** This includes Clans OR Communities that use tags for players.  Special exceptions can be make for players that are members of clans that play different games

*** Just need to know if you are over 18 or not.