Junior Group question

Simple questions,

What should the age group for our Junior Clan Group be ?

What is the lowest age we should allow in that group ?


Should we make exceptions if someone younger than the minimum age wishes to join ?

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  1. about 14 i would say though 13 is good too. i agree with grunger to a point about that part of exceptions but anything below the line of age should require double the normal amount of sponsers for jr group membership so 12-13ish and below should require 4, if they can show how dedicated they are and get that many that dedication proves them worthy

  2. I Think that Joining a =BRC=Jr. Group would be good and show that we are gaming for fun and a fun team to be apart of there are players 13+ and up that are just as good as 18 year old guys so I dont see a problem promoting young guys gaming I can remember when I was 13 and I started to play Half-life then mods such as TFC and Counter-Strike and I was really good at first person shooters do I think making a Jr. group would be a bad thing no it shows that =BRC= is a group of guys who like to Play and share the fun and Joy of gaming with a large group of players and kids alike.

  3. First I think it says something about the quality of our servers and Clan Mbrs, that the younger players want to join and stick with us. Thank you all for what you bring to the table.

    I like the input that has been left, I think 13 is a good botton line but I would focus admin privgs. to vote kick protection, map changes, alltalk and grav changes. When I first asked about letting teens into our clan, the premary reason was non clan mbrs vote kicking thses yngr guys just because they sounded young or because the non clan mbrs were in our servers as a friends only game on our servers. Some of these younger guys make playing the game better for us, and should be rewarded for that at least with protection from kick by non clan mbrs. I like the idea of a tag of =BRC= (name) (TEEN) that would also let everyone on our servers to keep language under control as best we can.

    It goes without saying that there should also be the understanding that they show reasonable respect to our sr’ clan mbrs., and that bans and and kicks from admin can be requested from sr. mbrs if behavior warrents such action. But this applies to all of us if we show a bad representation of the clan.

    Any thoughts on my input, please feel free to share here. Skyguard and I have discussed this and would like input from our clan mrbs, since this will affect you.

    Thank you,
    DJ Big EZ (RA)

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