The Soul of Africa in the Heart of Our Community

Afrika Yetu is the nucleus of arts learning, training and access for the Pan African community. We promote and foster the rich, diverse cultural perspective of people of African heritage through high quality education, vibrant performances and visual art exhibitions, immigration assistance and so much more.

'Yetu,' a Swahili word is the most important word and it is the motto of our organization -- "OURS." Afrika Yetu's vision is simple. We aim to serve our community as a cultural hub, building bridges between African immigrants and the American community.

We believe in inclusive and unity amongst people of the world, we all have a common source and we should support one another as people of one world. In our world and believes, all human should be given opportunity and access to goods of the world.


We Bridge The World

Founded in 2000, our mission is a powerful one: to share the joy and passion of African culture through vibrant educational courses, performances, and socio-economic programs that promote and enrich our community.


We bridge the gaps between African tradition with today's culture to help refugees, African Americans and other members of our community understand how African culture has shaped our present. In doing so, we work hand-in-hand to ensure reliance and healthier, happier lives. As the only African based, multi-disciplinary and immigrant focused organization in the Pittsburgh area, we are proud to play a role in developing and strengthening the capacity of our community.


Growing Stronger Together

Our programs reach a wide range of audiences, including K-12 children, college and university students; and special needs audiences (particularly the African refugees population, the physical and mentally challenged persons).


As our mission and vision states, we serve as a cultural bridge between African people, other minority communities, and the mainstream cultural majority. We believe this is necessary and important work not only because of the unique situation that African immigrants find themselves in here in the United States of America, but because Americans live in an age riven by conflict, cultural misunderstanding, and xenophobia.

We believe that Yetu's role in structuring and facilitating cultural exchange and cultivating appreciation for African arts helps to combat those forces of fragmentation and social dissonance and to cultivate better cooperation and opportunities for minority cultures to thrive and make their distinctive contributions to the region.


Empowering the African Community to Build New Lives

With a vision of developing and strengthening the African spirit in Pittsburgh at the individual, family and community level, Afrika Yetu has established a strong record of service throughout the Pittsburgh area.


We meet our vision by providing culturally specific advocacy, information, referral and direct social services, and by bringing together members of the African community right here in Pittsburgh. Over the years, we have enriched community members lives through programs, services and events that educate, entertain and foster relationships.