The Heartbeat of African Culture in Our Community

Afrika Yetu is a local home for an international community. At Afrika Yetu, we strive to build bridges between the cultural gaps of America and Africa, so that everyone has a place to call home.

With a diverse staff and the help of faithful volunteers, Afrika Yetu provides educational, cultural and community programs that help newcomers rebuild their lives, help community members accept new cultures, and help increase the social awareness and knowledge of African culture across the country.



Our Values



We foster trust by building welcoming and diverse communities based on relationships of understanding and reciprocity.



In a time where Immigration has become such a battle, and many seem to see their sense of dignity diminished by the lack of compassion given to anyone discriminated because of their nationality or origin, their religion, background, Afrika Yetu is here to offer love compassion and support to individuals from all communities.



We consistently strive for honest and just actions that affirm our promises.



We help all members of our community become aware of the cultural significance of African heritage.



Our Programs

Art & Cultural Program

Afrika Yetu seeks to build strong, healthy bridges to traditional African culture by providing first-hand experiences of the uniqueness of traditional African art and culture, performances  and a wide variety of educational and artistic presentations and workshops.

Yetu Academy

Our Yetu Academy provides the youth, the community and various schools in the city of Pittsburgh including students from grades K-12, with educational programming, an after-school programming and a summer camp that encourages a widened view of the world, history, art forms and languages.


Immigration & Social Services

We provide Social and Economic development Services to our Community with special interest of the African Refugees and Immigrants to help them rebuild safe, sustainable lives in our communities. From arrival to self-sufficiency, our team is there to support families every step of the way.


Economic Development

Because we are aware of the difficulties that prevail from transitioning into a new country, Afrika Yetu provides individuals with the skills and insight into the American workplace needed to obtain and maintain employment as well as financial wellbeing.



Want to Get Involved?

Whether you're looking to schedule a performance for your organization, volunteer your skills or take advantage of the programs we offer, contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved.