Server updates

Servers are back up, approx 95% fixed.


Still a no go.  Even when the last SM/MM update, they are working on a fix but they do not have an ETA.

I will keep you posted.

Valve has released a SteamPipe version of Left4Dead 2 and advised us that this update will become required on Monday (currently, it’s optional). In order to reduce the time that will be required for Monday’s update, we are scheduling the SteamPipe changeover to occur on Friday morning, starting at approximately 12:30am PDT. This will be handled like a regular game update, but it will take a bit longer, due to the size of Valve’s changes — up to two or three hours for some machines, with servers offline for much of that.

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  1. I got sick of waiting on Left4Downtowns fixes and switched back to L4DToolz. We should be able to use the spec slots. Test it out and get back to me.

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