Trib a.k.a Wicked “Retires” from =BRC=

As some of you know, i have started college in mid September 2012. It started pretty slow and was enjoying it (I still do, don’t get me wrong). But modules are getting harder and requires me to study a whole lot more (Try learning a new module while re-reading/studying a 1000 page book for 2 exams at the same time!). The past couple weeks i have been hitting the books like a mad man (At least 10 hours a day!). Before school i had a full time job (now i do part-time) but that didn’t stop from playing with you guys (I stay up late all the time! :P). But with college on my main schedule, now that’s a totally different story. Playing Video Games for 10 hours a day has diminished to 2-3 hours! (Even Less!). For some that’s a lot in a day. But for me to find time to play Left 4 Dead 2 or any other games that we have servers on (Plus the motivation) and the 200+ games i own, 2-3hours is not a whole lot. (I probably waste 1 hour just to figure out what i wanna play!). I had fun playing left 4 dead 2 with you guys for the past year, especially Minecraft! But right now, passing my Certs. and finding a good career is what’s important for me at this moment. I will still be around on Steam though! You guys take care, and good luck in the future!


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